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Ed & Carol Dicken

“We all have had experiences with Real Estate agents. Some are good and some we just want to forget. When you’ve been around the block a few times you can quickly pick up on if a person is genuine. I want to share some of our experiences with Your Home Team, Betty Melton, and Peg Richardson.
We have had several real estate transactions with Betty and Peg and they have all been as smooth as whipped cream on a doorknob. These ladies just know how to make things work and get things done. Our last transaction was closed in our house, Betty and Peg arranged for a closing agent to come to our home (I didn’t know that could be done)…..we were impressed and the closing was seamless and smooth.

If you need a real estate agent in the Round Top and surrounding market, these two agents are like your own Lightning Bolts that you can carry in a jar and when you loosen that jar lid just a tad, you find Experience, Results, Commitment, Follow Through, Sincerity, Knowledge of the Market, your best interest at heart…the list goes on and on and we can’t say enough about these exceptional ladies.”