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Whereas, in the mid-19th century, Czech and German settlers arrived in Central Texas looking for new lives of economic opportunity and religious freedom; these hardworking immigrants developed small communities in Fayette County and constructed churches to comfort their spirits and sustain their faith; and

Whereas Today four of these churches dot the landscape of Ammannsville, Dubina, High Hill, and Praha, small communities near Schulenburg; these four churches are monuments to the strength and perseverance of our state’s early settlers, but they also provide a rich aesthetic history of Texas; though the architecture is typically Gothic Revival in style, the interior of these spaces includes rare decorative painting techniques and nearly every wall is covered with bright, densely rendered murals; and

Whereas, Schulenburg serves as the destination of choice for those who want to experience the beauty of the churches firsthand as the Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce offers tours of the Painted Churches, which let visitors marvel at the visual splendor of this charming part of Texas history;

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